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Are you struggling with your fitness goals? Are you wondering why most people fail at their efforts in spite the long hours spent in the gym? Has this ever happened to you? It has certainly happened to us before and we know exactly how frustrating it can be. However, after years of experimenting with our own workouts and working as personal trainers with clients of all ages and body types, we have figured out the solution.

After being actively involved in the fitness industry for over ten years, we discovered that there are 3 main reasons most people never reach their goals:
1. YOUR GOALS ARE UNREALISTIC OR UNCLEAR. Instead of modifying them, you simply give up.

2. YOU DON'T HAVE A GAME PLAN AND DEADLINE. You see, a goal without a deadline is just a dream.

3. YOU LACK SUPPORT. It is much more likely that you will give up if you don’t have anyone to encourage and motivate you when it gets tough. And IT WILL GET TOUGH.
Over the past 10 years,
We have helped many clients lose weight, get stronger and enhance their health. One of the most important things that we tell our clients before they even start training is that you can achieve any goal, if you are willing to take action and stay consistent.

Another thing that we discovered after working in various fitness settings is that many people don’t feel comfortable in the gym
environment or they simply don’t have the time to travel to and from the gym. That’s exactly why we decided to start a company that will bring the best personal trainers in NYC to the convenience of your own home or office.

Here are several benefits of having an in-home personal trainer:

Convenience - Say goodbye to the struggle of having to fit in a workout, because an in-home personal trainer comes right to you! This allows you to exercise according to your schedule, without wasting time on traveling to and from the gym

2. Attentiveness - Your NYC personal trainer will provide you with their complete and undivided, focused attention. This huge perk will allow you to ask any questions without the worry of interruptions.

3. Personalization - One of the most popular benefits of an in-home personal trainer is the fact that they create personalized workout routines. Personalization is especially important because having a workout and meal plan that was created according to your unique needs, desires and abilities is the key to success when it comes to personal training and results.

4. Privacy and Comfort - Many people avoid the gym because they consider it to be a rather intimidating setting which makes them feel as if all eyes are on them. With an in-home NYC personal trainer, you get to work out in the privacy and comfort that can only be found at your own home. This eliminates the feeling of having to compete with others around you. You will also get to control the temperature, music and cleanliness, all without the audience.
When we founded
The Fit Apple
, we went through a long process of interviewing and screening numerous fitness professionals, because we wanted to find the best personal trainers in NYC for in home personal training. After making sure that they had the necessary knowledge and skills to help you achieve all your fitness goals, we coached and educated them about our proven training program.
You see, the 3 crucial elements of an effective workout are muscle strength, cardiorespiratory fitness and flexibility. Most personal fitness trainers will have you do 15-20 minutes of cardio first, followed by some free weight or machine exercises for muscle strength and end with a few quick stretches.

However, we find that time consuming and ineffective for 2 reasons:

1. 15-20 minutes of steady state, moderate intensity cardio will NOT burn enough calories and will NOT improve your endurance. The maximum number of calories you can burn this way is approximately 100-150.

Since you maintain your heart rate at a certain steady level, you will NOT get the effect of the “afterburn”, which can last up to 48 hours, during which your body keeps burning calories.

So, in order to make your workouts more effective and get you results faster, we combined strength training with high intensity cardio bursts. This means that in between sets of resistance training, you do 30-60 seconds of high intensity cardio, which will spike your metabolism, enhance calorie burning and significantly improve your endurance. Of course, we customize our proven concept according to your unique goals and abilities. Our services include weight loss programs, pre and postnatal fitness, senior fitness, general conditioning, high intensity interval training, kickboxing, as well as personalized meal planning. Learn more about our personal training services.

The results our clients got out of our training programs speak for themselves. In fact, we are so confident that your training will be effective that we are offering a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Can you beat that? We don’t think so… We are the only personal training company in NYC that guarantees you results or your money back! That means you have absolutely nothing to lose – except of course that ugly body fat!
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