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"Our company was founded with a single mission in mind – to turn the Big Apple into The Fit Apple by empowering New Yorkers to achieve physical and mental transformation through exercise and fitness."
Hi, my name is Izabela Milanov.

I am a personal trainer and group fitness instructor certified by the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Council on Exercise. I also hold several specialty certifications, including pre/postnatal fitness, senior fitness and kickboxing. But I am also someone who struggled a lot with weight lost in the past, so I completely understand all the obstacles and mistakes you are facing.
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I was born and raised in Europe, where I was actively involved in Muay Thai and kickboxing for over six years. I was in great shape. However, after moving to NYC, I gained 20 pounds in three months. I was shocked. I was also shocked by the unhealthy food and huge portion sizes in this city. No wonder so many people struggle with obesity…

After trying every crazy diet and fitness class and achieving no results at all, I started doing my own research on the human body, exercise science and nutrition. I developed a program based on high intensity training and healthy eating. The key to this program is the right combination of strength training and cardio at the right time and at the right intensity. I did one hour of this training every day for six weeks, and the extra 20 pounds were gone.

So, I asked myself: why not help other people lose that extra weight and get into the best shape of their life? That’s when the idea of turning the Big Apple into The Fit Apple was born.

Everyone can call themselves a personal trainer in New York (as there are no state laws regulating this specific profession), but not many people possess ALL the necessary skills to help others achieve their goals. As a female personal trainer in NYC, I’ve had the opportunity to work in different settings and I noticed that most of the other trainers paid more attention to their phone or their reflection in the mirror than to what their clients were doing. I personally thought it was horrible. If you want to work as a personal trainer in New York or any other city, you have to be 100% focused on your client – ALL THE TIME. Unfortunately, not a lot of trainers follow this rule.

So, I decided to find those very few who do, and start The Fit Apple – an in home personal training company with the best personal trainers in NYC. And so, since 2010, my trainers and I have been helping New Yorkers live a more active and healthier life. All our trainers go through a strict interview and screening process. They are nationally certified, have years of experience, but most importantly, they have the skills to motivate and help you reach your goals.

Every male and female personal trainer who works for The Fit Apple uses a proven concept of training, tailored to your specific needs and goals. This concept works. It has worked on me and it has worked on dozens of our personal training clients. That’s right. I guarantee that you will reach your fitness goals or your money back! No other personal training company or personal trainer in New York will give you this guarantee, that’s for sure!

The Fit Apple promotes physical activity, exercise and nutrition as crucial elements of wellbeing. I can promise you one thing: your personal trainer in NYC will become your ally, your guide and your best friend on your journey towards your fitter, stronger and healthier self.

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